North Kivu

Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Honey, Apricot, Brown Sugar

Elevation: 1580-1800 meters 

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

About Kawa Kabuya Farm

In July 2014 the producers in the Lubero and Bashu regions of North Kivu founded the Cooperative Kawa Kabuya to restore hope to the coffee chain in a region of the country where the agricultural sector was experiencing constant deterioration due to civil war. Kawa Kabuya’s administrative office is in the town of Butembo, Lumumba district. When the co-op first opened, it produced a single container of commercial quality and over the course of the last three years has grown to this year producing three containers of specialty coffee and additional containers of commercial quality. Beginning with 13 micro washing stations, Cooperative Kawa Kabuya today has 36 operational locations and another 58 are under construction. The increase in washing stations leads to more timely coffee processing, which in turn improves the overall quality of coffee. Kawa Kabuya coffees have earned top scores in several African Fine Coffees Association Taste of Harvest competitions. Cooperative washing stations create full time and seasonal employment for local youth and rejuvenate the coffee sector by offering a variety of jobs. 

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